Switching to Mac from Vista

Yes! I’ve finally made the switch back to the light side of the force. I’ve been using and writing software for Macs since the Mac Plus in 1986. I switched to use PCs when Windows 95 came out as I saw that the market for independent software developers on the Mac platform was shrinking and the PC installed base and software industry was rapidly growing. Eventually, I ended up working for Microsoft as a software developer on Windows desktop software applications in the late 90s’.

Fast forwarding to 2007…. I was getting very frustrated with Vista on several of my PCs and laptops on a daily basis to a point that I stopped enjoying working on computers. On a clean Vista Pro install with just IE, Outlook and Office on strong Dell workstations and on a Vaio laptop, I kept getting hangs and crashes left and right. I now run Vista using the excellent Parallels Desktop for Mac software. It is worth every penny. See: http://www.parallels.com/en/products/desktop/ . With 4GB of RAM on a 2.4ghz Intel core 2 duo MacBook Pro laptop, I get very decent performance from Vista running virtually in Parallels, in full-screen mode it is easy to forget that you are not running Vista natively, so if I need to use word or powerpoint I just switch back to the dark side virtually on Parallels and if Vista hangs crashes I just quickly restore the virtual machine to a previous state while I keep working on my Mac apps.

OS X works great for me so far. It is very clean, elegant and smooth and I have none of the issues I had with Vista. OS X is bringing the joy of Personal Computers back to my daily work and play. Thanks for AmitZohar for showing me the light on his last visit from Hawaii to San Francisco 🙂

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